Travel Treasures, from me to you..

I really want to take a second to thank each and every one of you that have continued to follow my journey, reach out to me about the impacts you’ve felt from my words, and have taken the time to sit and laugh at all of my eye rolling stories!

It has been nothing short of absolute bliss, heart filled days with cup after cup of coffee writing, and deep exhales after finally getting all the words out; knowing how much enjoyment and lessons so many of you get from my assortment of stories. 

It is with so much excitement that I pass along to you, a new layer! I have launched a small travel shop on Facebook!!

“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.”-Roy T. Bennett

I’ve started this shop to bring the journey that I share with all of you even closer. In all the alluring locations I travel to, I will pick up a few extraordinary treasures, made by local artists, creating to feed their families, their loved ones, and I’ll pass them along to you, so you can be apart of these exotic locations as well.

Head on over and check it out!  Travel Treasures for you! <~ click me and I’ll take you there!

The current pieces are:

5 alluring pieces of jewelry that a local man in Tulum, Mexico hand made. He collects the unique stones, and in his living room creates these pieces. He carries a backpack along the beach of Tulum and sells them. No shop, no business cards, just a man and his charming creativity.

A huge shout out to one of my best friends Breesha for taking these absolutely stunning pictures. Love you and your vision endlessly! 

Keep your eyes peeled, I will have 3 unique tree bark pieces of art being released in the next week.

Thank you thank you thank you; for just being here. But an even bigger thank you for continuing to come back!


Happy shopping my loves!!

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